Custom Panel Fabrication

At Bevan Aviation, we have several years of custom panel fab for our customers. Steve, our avionics manager, is also highly skilled with panel fab and running CAD programs. We also operate a Panel Pro machine, which is a 3-axis panel cutting machine that can cut panels from a Cessna 140 to a King Air B200. We also have the ability to cut contour panels, and small switch panels and cover plates.

Custom instrument panels increase pilot efficiency within the plane. While most shops outsource custom makings of instrument panels, Bevan Aviation has the capability to custom design a panel in-house. Led by a fellow pilot, our team designs each panel for maximum utility, accuracy, versatility and appearance. These are one-of-a-kind templates with your signature on every inch.

Below, we have some photo examples of some custom panels, as well as some photos of the process.