We offer many amazing options from Aspen Avionics. Choose from the Aspen EFD 2000, such as the Aspen EFD 2000, 1000, and 500, as well as their new budget-friendly E5 displays! These models of EFD can be mixed and matched, along with a custom-cut and painted panel, to create an avionics suite that meets or exceeds your needs and your budget. EFDs are also made to be installed on existing panels as well, utilizing your aircraft’s 3-inch steam gauge holes.

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  • Aspen EFD 2000 MAX

    The Evolution™ 2000 MAX combines the powerful, award-winning Pro MAX Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the MFD1000 MAX Multi-function Display (MFD) to provide a system with MFD versatility and twice the safety and redundancy.

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  • Aspen EFD 1000 MAX

    The brand-new and affordable Evolution 1000 Pro MAX brings the latest generation of display technology and capabilities that bridge the avionics technology gap. For Aspen customers old and new, your investment retains its value, and will never be obsolete. Period. This applies to legacy primary and multi-function displays already installed.  This revolutionary upgrade is now available and comes with standard synthetic vision!

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  • Aspen EFD E5

    Get IFR-rated glass starting under $6,000. Don’t settle for a limited digital replica of your existing mechanical gauges. Harness the true power of a feature-rich glass cockpit system and upgrade your flying experience.

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