Bevan Aviation has excelled in Garmin Aviation product installation and service since the early 90’s when we became a dealer. Since then Bevan Aviation has continued to grow their knowledge and expertise on the installation and service of these industry-leading aviation solutions. We choose to sell and install these products because we actually fly them. With the Owner/President, two Installation Techs, Avionics Installation Manager and the Marketing Director being active pilots and two Bevan Aviation aircraft, Garmin products are the avionics solutions we choose. Knowing how to fly, install and service the Garmin product line gives us the leading edge on the work we guarantee to be exceptional.

When you’re the ‘Best in the West’ for Garmin installations, you get exceptional sales and service from the No. 1 rated product support team!

  • Platinum Award of Excellence 3 Years in a Row
  • Five Pilots on Staff Who Fly Garmin
  • Millions of Dollars in Sales a Year
  • Garmin Authorized Dealer Since 1995
  • Kansas' Top Garmin Dealer

  • G5000 for Beechjet

    Bevan Aviation started with their first G5000 for Beechjet install in 2016. We haven’t stopped since! Bevan’s installation hangar now has a permanent home for a Beechjet 400A while it’s being equipped with the Garmin G5000 Flight Display system.

    How do we deliver the aircraft perfect the first time? We hold the secret weapon. Bevan Aviation’s knowledge of Beechjet’s started with the production of the aircraft in the factory. Our lead installer of the G5000 system built these exact serial numbered aircraft and knows it like the back of his hand. In return, Bevan Aviation can deliver a G5000 equipped Beechjet SQUAWK FREE. Want to test that? Call for a quote!

    The G5000 Retrofit is your solution to modernization. It features three 12-inch touchscreen displays, a multi-flight display in the center and dual primary flight displays in the pilot and copilot positions. To complete the suite, there are two touchscreen controllers to interface the system. Displayed can be flight plans, maps, charts, weather, TAWS, TCAS, and more.  All while keeping the visual aspect organized to enhance safety and awareness.


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  • G5000 for Citation Excel/XLS

    Bevan Aviation is NOW taking deposits on the new G5000 for Citation Excel/XLS!

    Similar to the G5000 for Beechjet, this advanced system is equipped with three displays for maximum versatility as you navigate the new panel by touch. In the Citation, the G5000 is fitted with 14-inch displays instead of the 12-inch in the Beechjet, giving you a total of six more inches to customize and configure the displays as you like. This upgrade boasts endless features in the cockpit including sophisticated flight monitoring, advanced weather radar capabilities and enhanced situational awareness. With the removal of outdated equipment and wiring, you gain around 200 pounds giving you the ability to carry more load.

  • GFC Digital Autopilot

    Bevan Aviation has the GFC Digital Autopilot available for approved aircraft! We recently completed an extensive Garmin Avionics package install complete with a GFC 600 and one of the first TXi series. This beautiful aircraft is registered with the American Bonanza Society and the avionics installed will be used for training videos. Our calendar is chock full of aircraft awaiting the installation of this series and only getting more full, so get a quote!

    Let Garmin take control! This new retrofit system makes flying safer and more reliable for a relaxed flight. Depending on the aircraft, the GFC 500 or GFC 600 are readily available and can be integrated with your current Garmin flight display as well as the new G5 electronic flight instrument. Other third-party displays can be used as well. The GFC 500/600 systems release was long awaited and a supplemental type certificate for additional aircraft models are being added.

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  • G5 Electronic Flight Instrument

    It seems like Bevan Aviation has put one if not two G5’s in every avionics upgrade since they were released. It’s a great replacement to add to your avionics installation and nearly a drop-in replacement for the technicians.

    Want to begin the “glass panel” upgrade? This 3.5-inch color display enhances performance and reliability and the G5 is an easy replacement for your traditional flight instruments. Choose to have your G5 display as an attitude indicator, DG, HSI or turn coordinator. With the installation of a GFC 500, the G5 can act as a standby instrument.


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“I had Kent and his team do an upgrade to my Garmin 430W and at the same time Kent helped me to decide what ADS-B package to install. To all the techs that did the installation, Great Job!” Kevin Betts