GTX 327

  • Garmin
  • GTX 327
  • PN: 011-00490-00
  • $650 - $850

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    The GTX 327 is a simple mode A/C transponder that also has the ability to serialize encoded altitude to other avionics via digital data lines.

    The price for a Bevan Aviation repaired/checked GTX 327 is $650, and one that has been repaired by Garmin is $850. Call to check availability on either.

    All avionics sold by Bevan Aviation will include an FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval tag, and a guarantee that the item has been inspected and tested to ensure functionality.

    Used avionics from Bevan Aviation come from different sources, including removals due to a customer upgrading and selling their removed items to us, or other means of removal. Some items may include things like racks, backplates, connectors and backshells, but it may not be listed here. Contact us for specific details on any item if you have any questions.

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