GPS 175 & GA35 Bundle

  • GPS 175 & GA35 Bundle
  • PN: 010-01822-01
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    Big capabilities come in a small package with the GPS 175 navigator. With its bright, clear high-resolution touchscreen display, you can have the advanced navigation functions you’ve always dreamed of. Entering flight information is a cinch, and accessing every function is fast and easy. It’s equally at home in certificated aircraft or an experimental aircraft. And it’s the same 2” height as older navigation equipment and can allow you to keep the legacy composite CDI already in your aircraft to minimize installation cost. That makes GPS 175 the smart, affordable way to add next-generation navigation to your favorite airplane.

    This GPS 175 comes as a new-in-box kit with a GA35 WAAS GPS antenna. 8130's included.

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